IVAR FROUNBERG               composer/works/solo



Material Investigations: shepard tones (2011) 20Õ     programme note       

for harp and electronics

premiere: Sunniva R. Wettre, harp               excerpt of premiere


Material Investigations: percussive staves (2011) 40Õ

For percussionist and electronics

Premiere: Kjell Tore Innervik, percussion


Waves and Velocities (2007) sample             performance by Kjell Tore Innervik

for quartertonemarimba


Waves and Velocities at dawn and dusk (2005)

for quartertonemarimba and recitation, dur: 6Õ


...and sank in tumult in to a lifeless ocean (2005)      programme note

v¾rk for orgel og interaktiv elektrofoni, var: 20Õ,

bestilling af organist Christian Pr¾stholm


ORION  (2004)             programme note

for solo slagt¿j var. 3Õ,

uropf¿relse: Christian Martinez, Esbjerg 22. september 2004

Publisher: Edition-s


Etude (2002)               

for kvarttonemarimba, var.: 3Õ

til Kjell-Tore Innervik,

uropf¿relse: Norges Musikkh¿gskole - d. 9. april 2003


Klaverstykke (2002)

- et Ótil lykkeÓ til Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen – 70 Œr, var.: 3Õ


Logogriphes (2002)      sample1           sample2           sample3           sample4           sample5           sample6

for accordeon og interaktiv elektrofoni var. 17Õ

bestilling fra Pascal Contet

uropf¿relse: Radiohusets koncertsal, Kbh d. 18. maj 2003,


SAXO (2001)                programme note

for saxofoner og elektrofoni dur: 16Õ

Meta Duo: Daniel Kientzy og Reina Portuondo

Dacapo Records 8.226515 (2004)

Publisher: Edition-s


Epitome II (2000)

violin   8'

edition SUDM


Epitome     (1999)         programme note

viola    8'

edition SUDM

recording in progress


Baby-universes with Worm-holes (1998)

-for body percussion and percussion setup, dur: 12 minutes

commissioned by Musica Nova

first performance november 22nd. 1998

Thomas Sandberg, performer


Quasi una sonata (1997)

-for piano solo, dur: 10 minutes

commissioned by Musica Nova

first performance april 5th. 1998

Deborah Wood, piano

Publisher: Edition-s


3 of Four Expressions (1997)          sample1           sample2           sample3

-for cello and live-electronics, dur: 10 minutes

commissioned for the "Musikhoest 1997"

at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense

first performance nov.15th. 1997

Morten Zeuthen, cello

Publisher: Edition-s



Dr¿mmespor (1997)

-for violin and interactive electronics, dur: 15 minutes

commissioned by Bodil Roerbaek

first performance april 13th at Danmarks Radio, studio 2

Bodil Roerbaek, violin

Publisher: Edition-s


HYDRA (1996)             programme note

-for trombone and electronics, dur: 15 minutes

commissioned by Musica Nova for the Musiana'95 festival

first performance may 1.st at The NUMUS-festival in Aarhus

Niels Ole Bo Johansen, trombone

Publisher: Edition-s


...las armonias de la noche profunda (1995)

-for zeta-violin and electronics, dur: 7 minutes

commissioned by Musica Nova for the Musiana'95 festival

first performance august 27th 1996 at the Louisiana Art Museum

Mari Kimura, zeta-violin

Publisher: Edition-s



Other Echoes inhabit the Garden (version for solo accordeon,1994)

-for accordeon solo

Publisher: Edition-s


Worlds Apart (1992-94)        recording by Sofia Asuncion Claro

-for harp and electronics


Korybanternes dans (1989-93)

-for el-guitar and live-electronics


Time and the Bell (1990)                programme note

-for percussion and interactive computer

commissioned by the Lerchenborg Music Days

for Gert Soerensen

Publisher: Edition-s


Henri Michaux-preludes (1984-85)

-for piano solo

edition WH (printed)


pro pacem pugnandum est (1982)

-for organ solo


Phantasie De-Kadenz (1975-77)

-for guitar solo


Peripeti (1974)

-for flute solo