IVAR FROUNBERG               composer/works/orchestral



Nu (1997-98)

-for symphony orchestra

not premiered

duration: 26 minutes.

Publisher: Edition-s


What did the Sirenes sing, as Ulyssis sailed by (1987-89)

-for symphony orchestra, multichannel tape and live-electronic's

commissioned by the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra

first performed april13th 1989, conductor Jorma Panula

duration of final version: 30 minutes.


A Dirge: Other Echoes inhabit the Garden (1988)

-for small orchestra and accordeon solo, duration: 10 minutes

commissioned by the accordeonplayer Geir Draugsvoll

first performed in the University Concert Hall, Reykjavik, Iceland

october 29th 1988, soloist Geir Draugsvoll, conductor Petri Sakari.

Publisher: Edition-s


Multiple Forms (1986)

-for symphony orchestra, duration: 15 minutes.

first performed februar 10th 1987, in the Concerthall of the

Tivoli Gardens, The Seeland Symphony Orchestra, cond. Othmar Maga.

Publisher: Edition-s