IVAR FROUNBERG               professor/artistic research

ivar@frounberg.dk                 (+47) 909 46 719

Vinterlydfestival from 2005 to 2011


Target research area at NMH 2008-12 :        FOU/C


New Instruments for Musical Expression (NIME) – from 2007 to 2012


The Interactive Computer: Program Structure, Representation and Performance – from 2007 to 2011


Application for the project “Multimodal Sensing in a Polymedial Space” (for NFR Norwegian Research Counsil – rejected 2009)


Report for the FOU/C Musikalsk fornyelse og nyskaping 2007-2010


The Arne Nordheim Centre: unit for experimental music  – from 2012


            Abstract of “Arne Nordheim Revisited” (for the Project Programme – rejected 2011)


            A performance of “Landet synger” at the NoAM, august 2011


                        Abstract of “Radical Interpretations of Iconic Musical Works”


                        Abstract of “Creating a Unified Space of Experience for Interactive Performance including Sound and Visuals”


Own projects:


Material Investigations – from 2012