IVAR FROUNBERG               writer/Shorter Texts/071205




            freedomreason – progress




            right of the individual

            collapse of the great narratives

            relativistic values

            parallel cultures



            art as defining the culture of the bourgoisie)

(in opposition to noblesse/principals etc. - early 19th century)

art as defining the national identity (mid 19th century)

art as carrier of the psycological drama (end 19th century/beginning of 20th)

art as defining the culture for industrial workers (mid 20th century)

art as carrier of the utopie


Post modern:

            no specified reason for the arts...

            the utopie moved to entertainment

            politics entered virtual-reality



            => art must relate to reality not utopias and/or cyber/hyper/virtualities


Sound Art as opposed to ÕmusicÕ



ephemeric – it has to re-created (interpretation)

            narrative – moving from x to y

            defined by author, title, duration, instrumentation and year of composing            


Sound Art -> Trans-aesthetic: a position between two or more artforms.


Relational aesthetics (Nicolas Bourriaud) -> relation to the audience/public

ÓA set of artistic practices which take as their theoretical and practical point of departure the whole of human relations and their social context, rather than an independent and private space.Ó