IVAR FROUNBERG               composer/works/ensemble


Three Cognitive Objects and Improvisations (2010)          programme note

commisioned by Copenhagen Art Ensemble

premiered: 15, 18 and 19 november 2010, Copenhagen Art Ensemble, Ture Larsen, cond. (documentation)

dur: 25Õ


The Quantum Mechanics of My Life (2010) dur.: 60 min.            documentation

NMH Sinfonietta m.fl., Per Sigmund Thorp, cond.

Vinterlyd Festival, Lindeman Hall NMH, 5 march 2010


É while oft unseen (2004)

for sinfonietta, var: 5Õ

uropf¿relse Esbjerg Ensemble, SusŒ festivalen, 28. august 2005.

Publisher: Editions-s


Aestetische Theorie (2003)   programme note

for sinfonietta var. 7Õ

uropf¿relse Esbjerg Ensemble, Esbjerg 26. maj 2004,.

Publisher: Editions-s


Prelude - Voyage - Jotunheim (2002) 20'          programme note

for fl., cl., pno., vln., vla., vlc. and cb.


commissioned by ensemble alternance

Publisher: Editions-s


Voyelles I-II (1999)      sample1           sample2

voice, clar., perc., pno., vla., and cb.

13' edition SUDM

Publisher: Editions-s


...to arrive where we started (1993)

-for voice, vla., pno., perc. and cb.

commissioned by the Figura6-ensemble

Publisher: Editions-s


SHaTaLe (1992)               programme note        sample

-for sinfonietta, duration 18 minutes.

commissioned by the Athelas-ensemble

Publisher: Editions-s


Kreppvaar (1991)

-for fl.,ob.,cl.,cor.,basoon + live electronics

commissioned by Lerchenborg Music Days


Embryo (1985)                  programme note        sample

-for el-vln.,vln.,vla.,vlc., pno/DX7,tape, duration: 15 minutes.

commissioned by The Royal Danish Academy of Music for the

Danish Music Festival 1985

Publisher: Editions-s


Frescobaldi-epitaph (1983)

-for fl.,cl.,guit.,pno.,perc.,vln/vla., vlc


Ikaros, Daidalos and the Labyrinth (1983)

-for 3 fl.,hrp.,cemb.,perc.

commissioned by the Danish Section of ISCM (DUT)


Drei-Klang (1982)           programme note        sample

-for fl.,ob.,cl.,vla.,vlc.,cb

written for the Esbjerg-ensemble

Publisher: Editions-s


...en vue de Roesnaes (1981)

-for ob.,2 cl.,trb.,2 perc.,pno.,celeste,vla.